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Blockhead Restrooms

Blockhead Restrooms - Global Modular, Inc.

An integrated foundation slab of 8" steel reinforced concrete

Global Modular offers restroom buildings for education and commercial customers. We have standard configurations for permanent use or we can provide a custom design for you to include showers and locker rooms.

Minimizes Maintenance Cost

  • Faster & more thorough wash down
  • Sloped floors with convenient floor drains
  • Non-absorbency chemical used to seal concrete & reduce odors

Increased Life-Span

  • No complex floor structure to deteriorate
  • Seamless deck eliminates moisture penetration

Faster Installation

  • Slab allows for building to be 99% complete upon arrival on site reducing completion time to hours vs. weeks
  • Decreased site work minimizes site disruption
  • Building can be placed directly on ground with minimal site preparation

Concrete and Steel Reinforced Block Exterior Walls

  • Split face concrete block looks great and is virtually indestructible
  • Various decorative low maintenance concrete exterior finishes available
  • Exterior surface sealed to reduce maintenance and vandalism damage
  • Choice of interior paint or epoxy finishes to seal and protect block

Stainless steel wall mounted fixtures

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel sink and Blowout Jet toilet are extremely durable
  • Toilet flush valve provides superior flushing pressure but consumes only 1.6 gal
  • No exposed fasteners on plumbing fixtures for superior corrosion and theft resistance
  • Fixtures designed for easy cleaning and wall mount design facilitates wash down