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MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) Combat Training Facilities

In addition to the variety of other military buildings, Modtech can provide MOUT training and other combat training facilities. Full scale MOUT facilities are specifically designed and built to mimic urban combat situations for realistic training.


The modular Off-Site Construction process provides a number a benefits. A majority of each building section is constructed in our factories and then transported to individual military sites for installation. The sections of the buildings are mostly complete upon arrival at the site, therefore only limited work is needed to finish the building. This process reduces the overall construction time and the number of workers needed on the military base. The modular design of the MOUT training buildings also allows for easier expansion and relocation if necessary.

Marine Combat Training Facilities

In addition to Army MOUT training facilities, Modtech has provided a building for Marine combat training. This specially constructed building was designed to house complex simulator equipment and includes numerous innovative features. The Marines will use the simulator building to recreate a variety of combat situations which would be difficult to recreate in real life.

Military Facility Solutions Beyond Combat Training Buildings

Modtech can also provide a variety of other permanent and temporary facilities including barracks, cafeterias, full service kitchens, fortified equipment shelters, remote latrines and bathroom buildings.  All facilities can be purchased factory direct and built to specifications within budget parameters. Custom finishes and concrete foundations allow our buildings to be indistinguishable from site-built facilities.

Recent MOUT News Release

Modtech was recently awarded a contract to construct 120 MOUT buildings for the Army. Click here for the full story: Modtech Awarded Contract to Provide Urban Terrain Training Facilities for US Army

MOUT Photos & Floorplans

Click the photos to enlarge.

MOUT Training Facilities
MOUT Training Facilities

Combat Training Facilities
Combat Training Facilities

Full Service Kitchens

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