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Hurricane Disaster Relief Buildings

Modtech® is taking action to add additional capacity to produce and deliver temporary and permanent modular structures to the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. This additional capacity will be necessary to meet the overwhelming structural needs facing the Gulf Coast Region.

Modtech's manufacturing facilities are equipped to produce single and two-story wooden or steel framed buildings. Structures such as dormitories, classrooms, clinics, and care facilities are needed. Modtech can assist you with your space requirements.

We Have The Experience

In August 2004, the people in Charlotte County were hit by Hurricane Charley and suffered a destructive blow from the storm. The Charlotte County School District suddenly needed to replace nearly a third of its schools. It quickly became clear that in order to accommodate over 5,000 displaced students, a speedy solution would have to be found. The solution—schools constructed Off-Site.

Benefits of Off-Site Construction

The benefits of off-site construction, including lower cost, shorter construction time, and more consistent build quality, have resulted in widespread acceptance as a viable alternative to conventional construction. While site work is being completed, buildings can be concurrently constructed in the plant to meet specific schedules.

By choosing Modtech schools, the Charlotte County School District was able to return their students into temporary facilities as early as September, 2004—just one month following the devastating blow.

Financial Options

Early in October, 2004, Modtech wrote a letter to the Charlotte County Public Schools asking for the opportunity to participate in providing temporary facilities at Charlotte High School and Punta Gorda Middle School. The offer was to provide the schools with a cost effective, high quality temporary learning environment that was practical. Modtech offers various financial options including leases, operating leases, lease/leaseback contracts and conventional financing.

It Was A Deal!

After the contract was completed the manufacturing began in two of Modtech’s production facilities. Portions of Charlotte County High School went into production in Florida the second week of October, and occupancy took place during the second week of December.

In just two short months, students had a brand new home. The Punta Gorda project progressed in a similar manner: manufacturing started early to mid November, and first occupancy took place the first week of January, 2005. Modtech was very happy to provide such a quick and reliable solution in light of the disaster the students and staff experienced.

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