Modtech maintains relationships with a variety of industry associations and organizations.

Modular Building Institute U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)  American Institute of Architects: Continuing Education System (CES)

Modtech® Customer Testimonials

Chula Vista Elementary School District

"We didn't want ugly buildings. We have been pleased with the teamwork and outcome of the Modtech project. Everyone is successful on a successful project. We are proud to have Modtech on our team. Modtech has proven they will step up for the educational community."

- Debbie Allen, Purchasing Director

Charlotte County Public Schools

"We hope to never go through another hurricane or the need to rebuild from the ravages of such destructive forces again. If such ever became necessary, however, I would most certainly recommend that Modtech buildings be considered."

- Roseann K. Samson, Ed.D, Assistant Superintendent

Paramount Unified School District

"Permanent modular construction from Modtech is an extremely good quality product. I don’t think anybody that’s walking into the school, any of the schools, can tell the difference between a conventional design and a permanent modular design, so to me that stands for excellence in their work."

- Patty Cummings, Facilitator of Facilities

Vanir Construction Management, Inc

"Our special thanks to your team for the wonderful job you did on Andres Duarte Portable Project. The School District was delighted with the buildings and especially appreciated your efforts in completing the project on time. The time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for us to work with such dedicated people. As I mentioned to you before, Modtech has never failed us and personally, I had no doubt in your ability to perform and complete the project on time. We look forward to working with you in the future."

- Moshir Kellada, CCM, Project Director

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