Modtech maintains relationships with a variety of industry associations and organizations.

Modular Building Institute U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)  American Institute of Architects: Continuing Education System (CES)

Cooperative Purchasing Agreements (Piggybacks)

Modtech provides turnkey construction of modular buildings, interior and exterior upgrades and site work. To facilitate and expedite the purchase of facilities, Modtech has secured Cooperative Purchasing Agreements (Piggyback contracts) with select school districts and related organizations providing public procurement contracts. These contracts were awarded based on competitive bidding and include a wide variety of buildings and services. By purchasing directly from the contract, customers can eliminate the sometimes lengthy and costly bidding process but still access competitive prices from a proven source. Modtech currently holds Piggyback contracts with several California school districts and Cooperative Purchasing Agreements with various other agencies.

An example of such contract is the Mohave Educational Services Cooperative (MESC). MESC is an exceptional nonprofit corporation providing public procurement contracts for use by Arizona schools, government and nonprofit organizations. As a public procurement unit, administrative fees are paid by vendors who fund Mohave. No direct tax dollars are used.

Through a state-wide sealed bid process, Mohave vendors are chosen and are annually renewed based on performance. School districts, large and small, find the process simplified as the guess work has been taken out of the procurement process. This procurement process is in place to make it easier to purchase goods and services, while maintaining a competitive and quality product or service.

Mohave is an active member of the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO), Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO), Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA), National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), Arizona School Administrators (ASA), and other regional and national professional associations.

As a proud, certified Mohave vendor, Modtech first works with customers to determine exact building requirements based on Mohave’s pricing standards. We then create a quotation that reflects those same standards. This streamlined process then moves the quotation to a specialist at MESC who works hand in hand with the customer providing the Service, Compliance and Support Mohave is known for.

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